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Tired of being Sick and Tired?
Are you suffering from pain, poor health, stress, weight issues.....?

I  am a certified natural health professional. My training has been in helping people find the cause of their particular health issues, by looking at each person as an individual and their body as a whole.


I provide a number of services along with consultations on using natural methods such as reflexology, Dien Chan Multireflexology, self care, whole foods, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and proper supplementation in order to achieve better health and happiness.  This is not a quick fix program, nor do I have any magic bullets. My methods allow the patient to become their own healer


You do not get sick or die all at once, it happens slowly over time. You do not catch a disease, you create an environment where disease and sickness can thrive. It is time to stop fighting disease and start embracing health.

"The #1 reason people get old and sick before their time is because of their choices, not their genes. You have the ability to control your health destiny. Not a hundred precent, but three-quarters of the odds that you're going to have a nice, long healthy and fun life are in your hands"
                                - Dr. Mehmet Oz.


Now taking appointments in Valleyview

Reflexology is now covered by: 

Blue Cross, Sunlife, Claim Secure, CINUP, Co-operators, Green Shield, Industrial Alliance, LEAGUE, Manulife, RWAN, SSQ Financial... and more! 

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Valleyview, AB

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