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The central premise of all alternative therapies, is the notion that in order to heal and maintain health, the practitioner must treat the body as a whole - mind/emotions/body/spirit.  

The idea is to use natural substances to activate the bodies own healing mechanisms. Searching for the reasons why we get sick and not simply treating symptoms. Symptoms are simply our body's way of comminicating to us that something is wrong. When we only try and relieve oursevles of the symptoms, we are not fixing the problem. Instead that problem or issue is still present and in time will cause further issues and break downs in the various body systems resulting in more symptoms.  

My program does not involve fix-the-symptoms or fight-the-disiease attitude, instead it is about embracing health, preventing conditions and regenerating health  by finding the cause, adjusting lifestyle and using natural substances and treatments that support and strengthen the body's own healing mechanisms.

The human body is made up of varying body systems - each one affected by stress, sleep, the foods we eat, the air we breathe and other environmental factors. Depending on genetics and lifestyle, some of the systems are strong and healthy while others may be weaker and more prone to illness. They also vary in their ability to respond to the ever changing influences and demands of everyday living.


Our challenge is to be aware of the interrelationships and dependencies that exist between the various bio-systems.  In western medicine, which breaks the body down into specialized compartments, these subtle and intimate relationships are weak or completely ignored. 


In natural medicine, the mind/body is seen as a whole with interrelated bio-systems that are in an ever changing dynamic and interdependent balance. What affects one bio-system will ultimately have an affect on other systems.

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