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Essential Oils

Do you know what is believed to be the oldest medicine known to man? Here is a hint; they are “more precious than gold” and “more than precious than silver or precious gems”.

The answer is essential oils… hmm… what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants, herbs, spices and flowers. Thus, essential oils bring the life force and energy of the plant kingdom to the human race. The essential oil distillation process is one of patience and respect towards nature to preserve the plant’s therapeutic offerings.

Scientifically, essential oils have shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and more. With godesana  variety of single oils and oil blends, there are endless natural goodies and benefits that come from the plant kingdom and into your hands.

What’s even more fascinating is “where” each essential oil comes from. When you are holding a handful of different ForeverGreen essential oils, you are holding the essence of mother earth in the palm of your hand.

There are many preventative and pleasurable ways to use therapeutic-grade essential oils topically (as in massages, reflexology, etc.) aromatically (diffused, etc.) as well as therapeutically in your personal and household daily cleaning and hygiene rituals.

Our commitment to essential oils is “true”. With essential oil expert Alexandria Brighton, Forever Green only sources clean and/or organic, wild-crafted and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Not All Essential Oils are Created Equal!

There is a distinct difference in quality of essential oils in the market.

With godesana Essential Oils, you have the benefit of pure, unadulterated essential oils.  Pristine quality in every drop!  The unique benefits Green Organics Essential Oils provide:


  • Oils from organically grown and wild crafted plants.

  • No pesticides or chemicals have been used in the cultivation of ANY of the crops

  • Premium –grade, 100% pure essential oils.

  • No additives, extenders or compromises.

  • All extraction is done in a manner as to preserve the pristine nature of the organic/wildcrafted plant material.

  • NO GMO plants used for distillation or extraction.

  • NO irradiation.

  • NO sewage sludge used in any plants or plant materials from which Green Organics oils have been sourced.

  • NO animal testing, NO animal derivatives

  • NO cross-contamination from allergens; peanuts, milk, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, egg or shellfish.

  • Authentic, therapeutic-grade oils. Independently tested and documented for purity and authenticity.

  • Lot numbers and batch numbers on each bottle document and assure authenticity.

  • Cruelty-free oils. No animal testing or animal products used.

  • Formulations by Alexandria Brighton, an expert in essential oils from seed to bottle.

  • Unavailable in stores (except in some quality locally owned stores in some regions).

  • To order or for more information go to  or click on logo



One of the things that helps set our oils apart from other companies is the amount of testing we put our oils through to make sure they are pure essential oils.


When the farms deliver the oils they oils are tested through a GC [Gas Chromatograph] test for impurities. Once that product passes the QA GC test, it is allowed in the facility. From the time an oil is received from a farm to when it is packaged it could take a matter of days to weeks, so we require it to be tested before packaging and after packaging, to assure that the quality has not been compromised or jeopardized in any way.


Once the oils reach the point in which they are ready to be shipped to godesana, they are tested one more time. This is the last and final GC test.The reason this test is so important is because there is a standard for what is considered a natural and pure essential oil.


When an oil is produced it has to be preserved from contact/exposure to air. Oxygen and essential oils react in such a way that the oils start to oxidize. This final test is crucial to our success because if the oils do not pass this test they have not properly been sealed and kept airtight throughout the process. We want to assure that no oxidative damage has been incurred.  Once the oils pass this final GC test they are shipped to Green Organics.We receive the essential oils at Green Organics having each oil go through an intensive GC test process, it is part of our Quality Assurance requirement. If at any time any oils fail to pass at any of these 4 steps, they are rejected.


If we occasionally have a back order situation at  godesana for a day or two is because on occasion some oils have failed and been rejected and a new batch must be tested and shipped in to Green Organics to assure that the  quality is maintained. Nowhere will higher standards be found than with godesana essential oils.When we state that godesna essential oils are 100% pure, you can be assured that they are 100% pure … not 51%, not 75%, not 99% pure. 100% pure.

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