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August 14, 2019

Nature designed herbs and essential oils to be our medicine. Each carries many known and unkown trace elements, which is why they function naturally in the body.

Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defence properties of plants. They have the high...


Moringa is amazing, I was recently introduced to this amazing tree. I had accumulated quite a collection of supplements in my cupboard as even though I eat fairly healthy I also know that it is almost impossible to get everything you need from our diets these days. Bu...


How many are taking these everyday and think it's ok! I totally understand that sometimes you need to manage the pain to function, but there is always better options. There is always a reason for the pain (can't figure it out then it's most likely a deeply rooted emot...

Great info, but I would just like to add that it's not a good idea to drink lemon water or icy cold drinks while eating as it affects the ph o


f the stomach, causing poor digestion

September 8, 2015


These are all great and easy ways to help your body detox naturally. Just keep in mind though that being to alkaline is just as unhealthy as being to acidic, so with the first suggestion I would recommend monitoring your pH especially if you are already eating lots of...

September 8, 2015


Back to school is fast approaching and with it the dreaded cold and flu season. I hear from many moms how their children are constantly sick and it goes through their whole family and their children are often on antibiotics.
There are many natural alternatives to an...

July 3, 2015

Do you feel tired all the time? Are you feeling stressed out? Maybe you are suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.


Did you know that reflexology can help?


A simple way of thinking of it is just this: stress breaks down your brody's natural support systems, while...