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Use of Essentials Oils Leads to Recovery

A while ago, I wrote about how I used Frankinsence oil to wake my daughter after being in a car accident and not waking after being taken off morphine. I will now finish the story.

After waking and staying awake, we noticed that she was partially paralyzed on the left side of her body. While still in intensive care, I asked the doctor if it was okay to use the essential oils I had on my daughter.

Fortunately, he allowed me to do so. So I started using the oils that I had (remember, at the time I did not have as many oils as I do now) that would be beneficial for different body systems. I used Marjoram for muscles, Lemongrass for tendons and ligaments, and Birch for bone, pain and inflamation (I diluted the oils and applied them to her feet). I also applied a mixture of Lavender and Peppermint to her head for bruising and pain as well as Frankincense to the base of her skull.

Later that day, she was released from intensive care to a private room. I was able to manage her pain using the oils and even help her with the constipation from the morphine. The nurses asked to give her a stool softener, but I asked if they would let me try the oils first. I applied a blend called Ease (oils such as dill, marjoram, spearmint, and fennel) to her feet and abdomen.

My daughter was obviously very traumatized by the whole incident and it was showing. She was very glassy eyed, showed no emotion except panic. If she thought I was leaving the room, she would cling to us. I also started using emotionally grounding oils such as Geranium and blends such as E-motion to her chakra points and toes.

After a couple of days, they took an MRI as they had hoped she would have been sitting up and walking again by this time. The MRI showed that she had severe bruising and shearing to the right side of her brain and cerebellum, this explained the partial paralyzation. We were told that she would not speak for probably another week, so I applied some lavender to her throat chakra, and shortly after that, she spoke (in a whisper, but she spoke).

We were then sent to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Once there, we were told that it would most likely be 4-6 months that she would be there and at least that time until she walked again. I continued doing what I was doing and we left there in 8 days with her being able to walk holding onto my hand.

Through that whole time, I also made sure she was eating healthy and getting a high quality mineral/vitamin supplement. The doctors said it was unbelievable how quickly she recovered. My own doctor back in Valleyview, when we brought her in for a checkup after returning home, said that after seeing the reports of her condition after the accident, he could not believe she walked into his office.

My daughter is just about to turn 11 now and is an active healthy girl. she has no aid in class, although learning isn't always easy for her. It takes her a little longer to comprehend what she is hearing and seeing, but she is a hard worker and able to do to grade level work, She rides horses, plays piano and has been in ballet, dance and gymnastics. She is a sweet, caring and amazing little girl and I am so thankful for the essential oils and knowledge on how to help her.

After many years of training, and much more knowledge, I might have done a few things differently or used different oils in some cases, but the results were still nothing short of amazing.

Have questions or comments about the use of essential oils? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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