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How to prepare your children's immune system for back to school and break the dreaded sick cycle

Back to school is fast approaching and with it the dreaded cold and flu season. I hear from many moms how their children are constantly sick and it goes through their whole family and their children are often on antibiotics. There are many natural alternatives to antibiotics and natural ways to boost the immune system so as to prevent and limit illnesses. Although sometimes antibiotics are neccessary they are often overused and not needed at all. They can be hard on the system, deplete the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and lower immunity. Making people, especially children and elderly more susceptible to future illness. You don't catch a cold or illness, you create an environment where it can thrive and grow. We are in constant contact with germs, if your immune system is strong your body can fight it off. Poor diet, stress, lack of physical activity, poor sleep, poor digestion and overuse of medications and antibiotics can all lead to lowered immunity. For my children it is often common practice to apply essential oils to the soles of their feet before sending them off to school. Whether to help ward off infections, to help with nerves or concentration, growing pains or injuries. There are many oils that can boost immunity, fight infection, improve digestion, improve sleep and help deal with stress. Not all are safe to use on children and when dealing with children different protocols are often recommended. Oils should be diluted with a carrier oil. Here is a dilution rate for children. 1-6 m: 1% dilution (6 drops per 1 oz carrier oil) 6 m - 2 years: 2 % dilution (12 drops per 1 oz carrier oil) 2 - 10 years: 3% dilution (18 drops per 1 oz carrier oil) 10-12 years: 5% dilution (30 drops per 1 oz carrier oil)

-No spicy oils like cinnomon, clove, thyme thymol or oregano as they are hard on childrens systems especially their livers. -Peppermint should not be used on children under the age of 30 months. Spearmint would be a better choice. - Avoid using around children's faces unless dealing with a face issue. -Store safely out of children's reach -If you happen to get oils in the eye do not use water, instead us a carrier or vegetable oil. I will be posting some essential oil remedies specifically for children as the weeks go by. To learn more about how you can improve your families immunity through diet, digestion, stress relief, using essential oils and help break the sick cycle contact me.

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