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10 Healthy Reasons to Try Reflexology

Do you feel tired all the time? Are you feeling stressed out? Maybe you are suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.

Did you know that reflexology can help?

A simple way of thinking of it is just this: stress breaks down your brody's natural support systems, while relaxation strengthens them. Reflexology is a great way to achive full-body relaxation and restore your body's systems in a non-invasive way.

Here are 10 Healthy Reasons to Give Reflexology a Try!

1. Relaxation - Again, it is essential to your health to combat the effects that everyday stressors can have on your body. Besides the benefits, full-body relaxation just feels so darn good!

2. Improve overall wellbeing - Your practitioner takes a holistic approach to treating your symptoms. Treatments are intended to balance the entire body. Healing typically occurs in reverse order and from the inside out, so you can expect that the root cause of your symptoms is treated along the way, as opposed to a 'fix-the-symptom' approach.

3. Stress relief - A 90-minute reflexoogy session is the perfect way to get yourself mind and body to completely let go and de-stress.

4. Reduce tension - Reflexology is a great way to relieve tension throughout your entire body without even having to take your clothing off!

5. Improve circulation - Poor circulation takes its toll on your body. Reflexology helps improve your body's circulation, particularly in your feet and legs. Great if your suffer from chronically cold feet!

6. Detox the body - Reflexology can help your body to detox in a gentle way. It is essential that you stay well hydrated before and after your treatment, and avoid indulging in a heavy meal afterwards.

7. Strengthen the immune system - By re-balancing the healing systems in your body, reflexology naturally boosts immunity.

8. Improve sleep - Reflexology is so relaxing that you might find yourself drifting off during your treatment or in serious need of a nap afterwards. Allow yourself to hang on to that feeling of deep relaxation until bedtime and you'll be sure to have a great sleep!

9. Calm the mind - Use your treatment as a time to let go of worrying, to let go of resentments, to let go of anything you don't need. While your practitioner works on your physically, you can allow these thoughts to pass through your mind without attachment.

10. Increase energy - When your body has to work harder to heal itself, you tend to feel more tired. Bringing balance to the body makes healing easier, and the result is an energetic and healthy you!

There are so many good reasons to try reflexology - whether you are in need of serious relaxation or you are seeking relief from chronic health issues.

To book your first treatment, simply call 780-524-9534 today!

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