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These are all great and easy ways to help your body detox naturally. Just keep in mind though that being to alkaline is just as unhealthy as being to acidic, so with the first suggestion I would recommend monitoring your pH especially if you are already eating lots of greens. If you find that you are to alkaline then I would suggest using lemon DNS baking soda in moderation. Remember balance is the key:)

How to prepare your children's immune system for back to school and break the dreaded sick cycle

​ Back to school is fast approaching and with it the dreaded cold and flu season. I hear from many moms how their children are constantly sick and it goes through their whole family and their children are often on antibiotics. There are many natural alternatives to antibiotics and natural ways to boost the immune system so as to prevent and limit illnesses. Although sometimes antibiotics are neccessary they are often overused and not needed at all. They can be hard on the system, deplete the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and lower immunity. Making people, especially children and elderly more susceptible to future illness. You don't catch a cold or illness, you create an environm

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