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Frankincense: The King of Essentials Oils

Frankincense is an amazing oil and is actually considered the King of Essential Oils. I have used it for stretch marks, scars, facial creams and mood enhancing. I have even recommended it for depression with great results.

In addition to all of these great uses, I've had an experience with Frankincense that is very close to the heart.

I had only been using essential oils for a little under a year, and had recently been to a training in Salt Lake City, and had acquired enough oils to fill a Werther's candy tin.

We were in a horrible car accident, and my daughter, who had just turned 2, was thrown from her car seat when we began to roll. She was unconcious when she was taken by ambulance to Grande Prairie, After x-rays, they found she had a basal skull fracture, She was then flown to the Stollery in Edmonton.

I was not released from the Grande Prairie hospital until the next day, after which, I left for Edmonton. They had hoped that she would wake up and sit up, but she didn't. We spent all day trying to wake her up (cold clothes, tickling, that sort of thing) but it wasn't working.

Then I remembered something from my trainings in regards to Frankincense and coma patients. I opened my bottle of Frankincense and waved it under her nose and her eyes opened. I will never forget the relief I felt. She only stayed awake for a few minutes, but it was amazing.

I used it again a few hours later and she woke again. I was so thankful for even the small amount of training I had at that time and my introduction into natural health. I had learned how amazing our bodies are, and how capable they are of healing themselves, and that there were many natural modalities, therapies and supplements that could be used to support the body in healing itself.

I knew that whatever the doctors said, there would be ways of helping my little girl recover. Through her recovery, essential oils played a major role and I will share more of this experience at another time.

Have questions or comments about other uses for Frankincense? Feel free to drop me a line below!

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