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You are what you digest

Nature designed herbs and essential oils to be our medicine. Each carries many known and unkown trace elements, which is why they function naturally in the body.

Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defence properties of plants. They have the highest ORAC scores of any substance in the world and are absorbed quickly through the skin. Many essential oils pass freely through the blood-brain barrier making them effective against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS and ect.

They are lipid soluble, allowing them to penetrate cell walls and they contain oxygen molecules that transport nutrients to starving human cells (disease begins when cells lack oxygen). They stimulate the body's immune mechanisms as well as being powerful antioxidants. Some essential oils have been proven to destroy all tested bacteria and viruses, while simultaneously restoring balance to the body. They can detox cells and blood and are purifying to the air when diffused.

In addition many essential oils are anti; bacterial, fungal, viral, microbial, septic, parasitic, cancerous, tumoral. The French who are leading the world in the area of medical Aromatherapy use essential oils extensivley to treat infections. Essential oils contain many hundreds of chemical compounds which makes them extremely complex substances. Because of this complexity, germs are not able to build up resistance like they can with drugs which are single ingredient or very simple formulas.

Many essential oils have properties that are antimflamotory, antispasmodic, regenerating, strengthening, supportive, regulating, balancing, stimulating, detoxifying, cleansing, correcting, calming, relaxing and ect. They have the ability to correct, regulate, or bring to balance every bio-system in the body/mind.

There are 2 types of nutrient deficency:-A primary deficiency occurs when the body is not given a specific nutrient.-A secondary nutrient deficiency occurs when you fail to absorb or utilize the nutrient (you ate it, but can't absorb it).This can happen because another key nutrient is missing, for example vitamins B and B12 are needed to utilize iron.Perhaps better digestion is needed to utilize the nutrient. Perhaps another nutrient carries the first nutrient, like fat being needed for transport of vitamins A, D, E or K.Perhaps something is inhibitng the absorption, for example flouride inhibits the absorbtion of Iodine. Another problem can be that something is causing you to use up certain nutrients faster then you are getting them, such as stress can deplete the body of calcium.

5 basic levels of nutrient deficiency; 1) Nutrient reserves in the body are depleted. 2)Nutrients are depleted from the body tissues. 3)Depletion is detected in analysis of the body fluids (blood and urine). 4)Body asks for resolution by causing symptoms that are a request for that nutrient like pain or gas. 5)Depletion causes anatomical changes such as bone degeneration.Laws of healing: 1)Healing occurs from the top to the bottom 2)Healing occurs from the inside out. 3)Healing occurs in reverse order that the symptoms occured 4)3 months to replenish, then add 1 month for every year you had the symptom.

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