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Use of Essentials Oils Leads to Recovery

A while ago, I wrote about how I used Frankinsence oil to wake my daughter after being in a car accident and not waking after being taken off morphine. I will now finish the story. After waking and staying awake, we noticed that she was partially paralyzed on the left side of her body. While still in intensive care, I asked the doctor if it was okay to use the essential oils I had on my daughter. Fortunately, he allowed me to do so. So I started using the oils that I had (remember, at the time I did not have as many oils as I do now) that would be beneficial for different body systems. I used Marjoram for muscles, Lemongrass for tendons and ligaments, and Birch for bone, pain and inflamation

Frankincense: The King of Essentials Oils

Frankincense is an amazing oil and is actually considered the King of Essential Oils. I have used it for stretch marks, scars, facial creams and mood enhancing. I have even recommended it for depression with great results. In addition to all of these great uses, I've had an experience with Frankincense that is very close to the heart. I had only been using essential oils for a little under a year, and had recently been to a training in Salt Lake City, and had acquired enough oils to fill a Werther's candy tin. We were in a horrible car accident, and my daughter, who had just turned 2, was thrown from her car seat when we began to roll. She was unconcious when she was taken by ambulance to Gr

My Introduction Into the World of Essential Oils

As many of you know, I love essential oils. They have been a huge part of my life for the past 10 years now. I have attended many, many trainings over the years, mainly in Salt Lake City under Alexandria Brighton. Over the years, I have had many amazing results with essential oils but unfortunatly documenting them has been a weakness of mine, but I am going to work on that! So to begin with I will tell you about my introduction into the world of essential oils. About 12 years ago, (just before my 2nd child was born) my dad gave me a CD to listen to about minerals and how every illness can be traced back to mineral deficiencies. It fascinated me, and I wanted to learn more, this started my pa

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