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Have you heard of the Miracle Tree?

Moringa is amazing, I was recently introduced to this amazing tree. I had accumulated quite a collection of supplements in my cupboard as even though I eat fairly healthy I also know that it is almost impossible to get everything you need from our diets these days. But I was getting a little frustrated at all the different capsules, tinctures powders I was taking everyday to get the nutrition I needed. So when I found out about the moringa plant I was very excited as it can replace almost all supplements I was taking! And it's from a food, nothing synthetic about it so my body will be able to recognize, absorb and fully utilize it. I having been using moringa for over a month now and feel l

How dangerous are NSAIDS

How many are taking these everyday and think it's ok! I totally understand that sometimes you need to manage the pain to function, but there is always better options. There is always a reason for the pain (can't figure it out then it's most likely a deeply rooted emotional issue). And there are many wonderful natural alternatives for pain that actually get to the root and fix the problem not just cover it up. Remember what works for one doesn't always work for the next and sometimes a combination of things is what will work. I've heard people say oh I've tried that and it doesn't work. Maybe they didn't give it enough time (real healing takes time), maybe they needed to do it in combination

Is lemon water really good for you?

Great info, but I would just like to add that it's not a good idea to drink lemon water or icy cold drinks while eating as it affects the ph o f the stomach, causing poor digestion

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