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Energy Meridians

Energy Chakras

Meridians are pathways through which energy (also know as chi) flows through are system connecting organs together. They come to the surface of the skin at hundrends of specific points. Each of the 12 major meridians is related to one of the elements recognized in classical Chinese philosphy.

Emotions are also energy. A trapped emotion (everyone experiences emotional trauma big and small throughout their life. If it is never properly dealt with or let go of, it stays in the body) is a concentration of negative energy. They can cause blockages to the energy flow in the meridians, thus causing issues in the organs that that specific meridian flows through.

Trapped emotions have the ability to cause physical pain or health issues. These symptoms are the bodies way of communicating to us that something is wrong. Research has found that cancer patients have trapped emotions embedded in the malignant tissue. Trapped emotions affect your whole being, pysically, mentally and spiritually.

During the applications therapeutic grade essential oils are used on specific reflex points along the spine to transform the negative emotions and allow the energy to flow freely through the meridian.


Originating from within the ancient yoga systems of India, chakras refer
to spinning vortices of energy created within us by the interpenetration of
conciousness and the physical body.

Through this combination, chakras become centres of activity for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. Technically, the word is
from the Sanskrit language and translates as wheel or disk. We can think of them as spheres of energy radiating from the central nerve ganglia of the spinal column.

There are eight  major chakras within each of us, arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the top of the head, centred, more or less, through the middle of our body. In addition to the nerve ganglia, they also correspond to the glands in the endocrine system and various bodily processes, such as breathing, digesting and procreating.

Psychologically, the chakras correspond to major areas of our lives. Surival, sex, power, love, service, communication, imagination and spirituality. If we take the literal meaning of the word chakra (disk) and give it a modern interpretaion, we can think of a chakra as a psychic 'CD-ROM' that contains programming about how to handle various aspects of our life. These CD's load energetic 'software' into the 'hardware' of our physical bodies, and are interpreted by the 'operating system' of our basic conciousness.

The first root chakra, for example, contains our 'survival' program, such as what diet suits us best, when we need to excercise or sleep and how to take care of ourselves when we are sick. The second chakra (sacral) contains our programming about sexuality and emotions; how we handle emotional states, our sexual orientation and preferences. The fourth (heart) chakra contains our programming about relationships. We each have a slightly different model of hardware programmed in a distinct language with unique operating systems. We work with the chakras to get the bugs out of the program, and get the whole system up and running smoothly.

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