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Dien Chan Multi-Reflexology
Chan Beaute` Therapeutic Facials

With Facial reflexology we can recognize the origin of an imbalance and obtain surprising results in natural æsthetics.
Dien Chan Multireflexology was created bu professor Bui Quoc Chau of Vietnam. It is a natural therapeutic technique utilizing information from many different modalities. Therefore allowing numerous options in treatments. Using specialized tools that create different stimuli when used on the face or body to balance, warm, cool, calm, stimulate or regulate systems of the body. Maps of the body are reflected on to the face. The face is like a circuit board for the brain with many points and zones that when stimulated via the tools send a message to the brain then to that area or system of the body affected. Results can often be acheived very quickly.
Chan Beaute 
Much more than a facial
The face is said to be window to the soul. Imperfections on the face can be an indication of health concerns in the body. 20 different maps of the body can be projected on to the face with hundreds of points and zones that correlate to tall the organs glands and systems of the body. So when you get a Chan Beaute facial, not only are you blissfully pampered, while improving outer beauty, you are also balancing the inside helping with many health concerns. Without damaging the skin nutrients are brought to the surface, micro circulation and collagen production are stimulated as well as improved lymphatic drainage, detoxification, hydration, firmness and tone. Fine lines and wrinkles can be softened while scars can be diminished. Protocols for anti-aging, acne/inflammation and scars are available.


Chan’beauté is a natural method that synthesizes therapeutic knowledge such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern medicine, without using needles or other invasive techniques.

Multireflex tools gently stimulate the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation of the dermis and epidermis offering a quick and effective result without ever damaging the skin.

In addition to studying and using the diagrams of Multireflexology, (learned in DienChan'reflex) Chan’beauté offers the opportunity for Beauticians to talk to their client to find the internal origin of an imbalance which could be an accelerating factor of the facial imperfection. By encompassing this therapeutic dimension the results of their treatment become deeper and more sustainable.

Depending on the imperfection Therapists, to complete a Multireflexolgy treatment and Beauticians, to add the therapeutic dimension to their service are able to design treatments for their client who appreciate his or her personalized care and share their satisfaction with friends and colleagues.

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